About the NTPCA



The North Texas Police Chiefs Association was created in 1960. This organization shall also be known and referred to by the letters NTPCA in capital letters. The NTPCA shall be in concert with the Texas Police Chiefs Association. The duration of the North Texas Police Chiefs Association (NTPCA) as an organization shall be perpetual.




The purpose of the NTPCA shall be to support the Texas Police Chiefs Association (TPCA) in its promotion and professional development of all executive and management personnel within duly constituted law enforcement agencies. The NTPCA will facilitate opportunities to encourage participation and interaction among police chiefs in North Texas for the purpose of communication, training, discernment of issues, and promoting the TPCA. The NTPCA as part of the Texas Police Chiefs Association is concerned on a regional level with all issues involving the criminal justice system. We believe our local chiefs of police need to possess a thorough knowledge of the law enforcement needs within North Texas. Through our organization, issues affecting the criminal justice system can be addressed both with local elected officials and the state legislature. Since our creation, NTPCA actively seeks to promote the professional practice of law enforcement administration, to represent the membership and the profession on issues of concern, and to encourage high ethical standards of conduct among law enforcement administrators through its code of ethics.




The North Texas Police Chiefs Association will adhere to the following:

  • Promote and enhance the professional development of all executive and management personnel within duly constituted law enforcement agencies in North Texas.
  • Encourage close cooperation and partnerships with all law enforcement agencies and the citizens they serve.
  • Promote and maintain the highest standards of the police profession through selection and training of law enforcement officers and police personnel.
  • Maintain a clear VISION of our PURPOSE, VALUES and IMAGE.

Information for New Members

Following are some tidbits that we hope you will find helpful: First of all, Welcome! We are happy that you have decided to join our association.

Our meetings are typically held on the last Wednesday of the month. Please check the “Meetings” page for the most current information.

Speaking of meetings… if you would like to host a meeting and/or if you know of a potential sponsor for one of monthly meetings, please email us by clicking here and we will try to make it work.

  • Your application is initially submitted to our treasurer, who initially processes the application, deposits your dues payment, and makes an archive copy of your application.


  • The treasurer’s office then forwards your application for membership processing. At this point your information is entered into the association’s master database. It is from this database that the membership report(s) on the web site are produced. Please note that the reports are typically updated once a month, typically the day before or the morning of our monthly meeting, so do not be alarmed if you do not see your name on the report right away. Also, the reports have an “as of” date and time printed on them so you can tell how current they are.


  • Next, your email address is added to the ListServer recipient list, as appropriate. When this occurs, you should receive a generic email telling you that you have been added. From this point forward, you will receive occasional emails via the ListServer. Do not be surprised if you do not see an email from the list for a while, as we try to keep the number sent low. Most of us already have plenty of emails in our inbox to process every day without “fluff” emails from us.


  • Regarding the ListServers… the majority of ListServer posts are informational only and do not require a response. Sending replies back to the ListServer that consist of messages like “thanks” or “me too” might get redistributed to everyone and are discouraged.


  • If you do respond to a ListServer post, please consider sending it directly to the author’s email address or any address in the original post to which you are requested to send your response to. This keeps unnecessary emails from everyone else’s inbox and preserves the integrity of the ListServer.


  • Most of the messages sent via the “ChiefsInfo” ListServer are Law Enforcement sensitive and we reserve the right to restrict distribution to Law Enforcement members only. You are discouraged from sharing with civilians any information received via the ChiefsInfo ListServer. Yes, this is basic stuff that you already know, but we need to say it just the same.


  • Messages regarding General Membership information may be delivered via an alternate ListServer designated for ALL members. This ListServer is named “MemberInfo”.


  • NTPCA does not send out invoices, receipts, acknowledgements, etc. for applications received; your cancelled check is your receipt. When you receive the “welcome” form letter from the list server you know that your membership processing is complete. It can sometimes take several weeks for the application to flow through the entire process. Thank you for your patience.


  • NTPCA values your privacy, and considers its membership records confidential. We do not share membership information with sponsors, vendors, or other third parties, except as required by subpoena or similar instrument (which we feel is highly unlikely).


  • If you have information that you would like to share with your fellow members, and if you have been granted ListServer access, consider using the applicable ListServer as your transmission medium. If you have other needs, please submit your request via email and it will be forwarded to the appropriate officer(s) for consideration and possible Executive Committee evaluation. Please be sure to provide adequate advance notice of any such request so that your request can be given the attention it deserves..