Officer of the Month

January Officer of the Month, Corporal David Harney

Corporal David Harney has worked for the Highland Village Police Department since 2004. During his tenure, he has been instrumental in the success of numerous community service programs including his assistances with the Lewisville Independent School District (LISD) “Job Olympics”, local “safety talks”, and the amazing work he has done with our Fallen Officers Race and our safety and security initiative at The Shops of Highland Village. This month marks yet another round of our LETS (Law Enforcement Teaching Students) training.  LETS enhances student’s basic knowledge of the dangers of alcohol and drug use, bullying, building a positive self image, grow sound decision making skill, and recognizing and coping with peer pressure.   Although this program initially was conceived in Dallas as a printed product, it was abandoned and turned over to Corporal Harney who completely revamped it to a paperless educational program and it is now accessible through any electronic device.  His teaching methods include role playing, puzzles, competitive games, and classroom discussion.  Not only does this program build character in our youths, it also promotes police in a positive role, strengthens relationships with our youth, and readies our future adults to make positive impacts in their futures.  David has taught more than 3500 students over the last 10 years and shared the program with numerous agencies.   Anywhere David goes in the community, he is instantly recognized and is a huge role model for both kids and fellow Law Enforcement Officers!

Sponsor: Blauer

Officer of the Month—Sponsored by Blauer In collaboration with the NTPCA Executive Board, Blauer asked to recognize an officer of the month for those officers who are true servants in their communities and go above and beyond building relationships that will continue for years to grow our profession and make positive impacts. In an attempt to meet the spirit and intent of the monthly recognition, the following guidelines are recommended for nomination for those officers who: Exemplify community based policing practices. Engage community and police to strengthen relationships. Create or build programs that build trust and relationships in their communities. Make a positive impact on both our profession and the communities they serve!

Nominations for Officer of the month will be due on the 5th of that month*. For Example, February 2017 Officer of the month is due February 5, 2017