Officer of the Quarter

Officer of the Quarter Q1 2018

Officer Joe Mellow

Officer Mello has served as a Law Enforcement Officer for more than 28 years, with just over 17 of them with Haltom City.  After responding to an overdose death, Officer Mello began extensively researching NARCAN and possible deployment by Law Enforcement personnel.  His research included contact with various and numerous agencies and personnel from Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Medical professionals, and even vendors over months of both duty and off-duty time.

His research resulted in a thorough professional presentation to the Haltom City Fire Department and the Medical Director of our emergency services district.  This was not an easy sell, but because of his passion, commitment, and research, an Opioid overdose program has been implemented in Haltom City, greatly increasing the awareness and dangers of Opioid addiction and overdoses both internally in the city and other agencies who have also embraced the program.

The implementation of our City wide program helped spear head an Opioid Reduction and Recovery Initiative in Tarrant County within the MHMR Unity.  This initiative will be grant funded and aimed not only to aid agencies in getting NARCAN, but also provide training, tracking, and rehabilitation of any individuals that NARCAN was administered to.

Although as a department we cannot say the implementation of this program has directly saved a life yet, there is no doubt that due to his diligence, research, and implementation of this program, there will be!  Upon implementation of this program, numerous media outlets from across the nation reported on our deployment and training of officers for deployment of NARCAN and we are still receiving request from agencies across the country for our program and policies associated with NARCAN so they may implement similar programs in their communities.

Thank you Officer Mello for having the forethought and fortitude to acknowledge a formidable problem amidst skepticism and lack of knowledge that now has the momentum it deserves and the potential to save countless lives!

Sponsor: Blauer

Officer of the Quarter—Sponsored by Blauer In collaboration with the NTPCA Executive Board, Blauer asked to recognize an officer of the quarter for those officers who are true servants in their communities and go above and beyond building relationships that will continue for years to grow our profession and make positive impacts. In an attempt to meet the spirit and intent of the quarterly recognition, the following guidelines are recommended for nomination for those officers who: Exemplify community based policing practices. Engage community and police to strengthen relationships. Create or build programs that build trust and relationships in their communities. Make a positive impact on both our profession and the communities they serve!