Lewisville Police Chief Russell Kerbow
Lewisville Police Chief Russell Kerbow

After serving the city and its residents for nearly 40 years, Lewisville Police Chief Russ Kerbow announced that he will retire in August.


Kerbow said the timing is perfect to retire now. On May 22, he will have completed 40 years of service with the city of Lewisville, and his birthday is in August. He said it makes sense to stay until then. In addition, his wife, Becky, will retire at the end of 2018. He said everything is working out for them to retire together.

Kerbow said he and his wife love to travel and intend to do more of that in their retirement years.

“In addition, Becky is exploring her creative side by pursuing her artwork, and I will help her with showings and helping to produce her artwork,” Kerbow said. “She was able to sell six different pieces in the last quarter of 2017, so 2018 and beyond looks bright to us.”

Kerbow said he is most looking forward to spending more time with family.
“As a police officer, I have worked a lot of holidays and missed birthdays and other special events over the years,” Kerbow said. “I can’t get that time back, but look forward to enjoying my grandchildren and participating in their activities as they grow up.”

When thinking about what he’ll miss the most, Kerbow said the people, without question.

“I have had the opportunity to work with the finest staff in all of law enforcement and that’s what helps make the ‘insane’ moments bearable,” Kerbow said. “When you serve with folks as dedicated as the officers and staff of the police department, well it’s just priceless in my book.”

Kerbow said the most obvious change the Lewisville Police Department has gone through since he was first hired is the growth its experienced. Kerbow was the 33rd officer to join the force in 1978, and now the LPD is authorized 158 officers. The population of Lewisville was just under 10,000 and now are over 100,000.