This video is dedicated to our brothers and sisters in blue.

This last year has been challenging for law enforcement as events across the Nation have highlighted the realities and dangers of wearing the badge. This past Saturday, we held our annual Police Awards banquet and as a tribute to the men and women who go out everyday, facing the possibility we may not come home, and also to honor their families who face the same fears, we put together this short video. The struggles we face on the street do not stop at the end of our shift. We never completely take off the mantle of police officer. But, with the support of our families and the community, we head back out each day.

Song: The Sound of Silence – Disturbed

Women in Policing MPPD

GPPD Bike Patrol Story

Have you seen bicycles riding through your neighborhood late at night and wondered who it was? Odds are it was our newly formed Bicycle Patrol Unit. The Bike Unit conducts patrols in areas with large events such as Joe Pool Lake, Verizon Theater and Lone Star Park. Their duties also include patrolling retail areas and residential neighborhoods. While patrolling near homes, the officers focus on deterring vehicle burglaries and any other illegal activity that may occur late into the night. The Bike Unit is also active with Bicycle Safety Demonstrations for Kids, works with the Boys and Girls Club and many other community events throughout the city.

NBC recently featured the bike unit on their newscast.

GPPD Supports Brothers’ Fundraiser

We heard Jack and Mason Angerbauer were raising money for the Miles for Smiles campaign developed by Grand Prairie ISD so we called in some reinforcements for refreshments! Money raised will go towards a new all-inclusive playground at The Epic. This all started when GPPD School Resource Officer Gerald Hodges stopped by the lemonade and cupcake stand on 9/15/2017 to support Jack and Mason in their efforts to raise money for the “Miles for Smiles” campaign. They had been selling lemonade and cookies for a week and raised more than $100. We decided to surprise them about a week later with several officers in hopes of increasing their fundraising amount significantly. They ended up earning $145, which brought their total $321. They earned almost more in one day when our officers arrived than in four other days of their stand.
Grand Prairie ISD has developed the “Miles for Smiles” campaign to help raise funds for a new all-inclusive playground, PlayGrand Adventures at The Epic in Grand Central Park. The Grand Prairie Independent School District partnered with The Grand Prairie Parks, Arts and Recreation Department (Parks Department) on this initiative.